About Me

I visited South Africa 10 years ago and bought back 6 of these gorgeous frames in my suitcase. Since then, I have had several compliments about them from visitors to my home. I still absolutely love them and am sure I always will. 

The name Nenya was decided upon as it was the name of the Guest House my husband and I stayed at in Cape Town all those years ago.

Fast forward from my trip to South Africa, I am now married with 4 children. Financially or logistically it has not been viable to go back to work as a reception teacher (my previous vocation) so I decided to start importing these frames. So many people have asked where they are from and we have not been able to find any in the UK.

These beautiful rustic frames are all handmade out of 100% reclaimed wood and are imported directly from South Africa. When buying these frames you will not only be supporting my very small business but also supporting an emerging economy and with the knowledge they are made out of recycled materials. 

I really hope that you love your frames as much as I do.